Concept, Creative Editing, Styling, Modelling, Photography- Asmi Shetty

Woke up quite early on a holiday with a fresh mind and a desire to do something productive and therefore, dug out a few self-shot pictures from my archives to create this piece of work. Selecting, Layering, placing and replacing a few components, forming a cluster of them and redoing all of the steps again and again until the satisfying perfect yet imperfect cluster of components is obtained. It’s definitely a tedious job involving long hours of being glued to the laptop, by the end which one could expect a pair of strained eyeballs and a stressed neck. However, it’s all so worth it when the final work is satisfying.

Pictures consisting flowers, plants, colors and summery dresses to remind you of summer ( I mean, like if the present hot sultry weather isn’t enough to remind you of it.)

– Asmi xx

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