Music, Photoessay


Photography, Concept- Asmi Shetty 

Hailing from a family of engineers, doctors and other parent-preference courses, I’ve always been the ridiculed odd duckling because of my undying love for art. I do not even slightly regret my decisions when it comes to that because I’d rather find myself doing something creative and colorful than something that’s not. Art is such a beautiful thing- it teaches us to be positive, to express, to find beauty in everything, to see the world differently, to explore possibilities and to be highly creative. Life feels like a fantasy when one dwells within art, exploring one’s mind and enhancing one’s thoughts. I find immense joy in discovering young talents- the writers, the photographers, the poets, the artists, the musicians or even a beautifully organized Instagram feed- I love them all.

Most of my free times are spent browsing an artistic work or just learning something creative myself and Photography has been one such thing. Honestly, About seventy percent of the times I have my camera in my bag not for some serious purpose but just in case I feel like capturing something that I like. Taking small steady steps into new things, learning basics, practicing over and over again and trying bigger projects- it’s all been a part of my life since a good long while. Here, in this post, I share with you a few basic pictures that I clicked over time and slowly getting you used to this aspect about me as I create better content in this section.

Also, Here’s three of my recent favorite tracks-

1. Disciples- Mastermind

2. Thomas Jack- Rivers

3. Skrillex & Diplo- To U ft. Aluna George 

-Asmi xx

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