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Wearing: Coat- Dorothy Perkins, Shirt- Zara, Jeans- Forever21, Boots- Jabong (old)

Photography by Shravanth Raj and Thilak Shetty

Modelling, styling and concept- Asmi Shetty

┬áThis post was triggered by a friend’s call and a request which lead to brief planning and quick snaps, hence, has been named “Unplanned.” Eleven days into the new year and not much has changed. Life is just as it was- Fast paced and running out of time. Wishing winter vacations lasted a little longer but, the odds are hardly ever in my favor, therefore, swinging back to the same old routine, nonstop, which is physically and mentally draining and hardly leaves time for anything else (I’m talking relaxation/pampering). All new years resolution’s made are still left untouched like every other year, of course. Reminding myself everyday to hit the gym, to take musical instrument classes and a lot of other things that are all just being said, nothing done and before I realize the year will have passed. But, this year promises to be real good and the most remarkable one yet and that’s something to rejoice about. However, It will be based on my dedication and hard work and, hopefully, I will have the time and energy required for it.

Now that I’m writing this I realize that I kick started 2016 with an unplanned post. Wow, not how I wanted to go about the new year. But, to think of it with a positive mind, what best than to start the year casually flowing in silhouettes of your favorite color! Spontaneity is good, most definitely.

-Asmi xx


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