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cool cat

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset


Photography- Shruti Ram | Styling, Direction & Concept- Asmi shetty (thyself)

The year 2015 went by so swiftly. it’s been a very eventful year, I have gained a lot more than I have lost and that’s something to be happy about. Sadly, December has been very bland blog update wise due to illness and other activities that kept me occupied and away from this little space on the internet. However, ending this year of joy with one last outfit post before the new year comes my way.

A quick recap of things- 2015 started off with a wonderful celebration on the first day of the year with my most adored people to whom I’ve grown profoundly close ever since. It wasn’t all merry for the first few months. They were hurtful, depressing and terribly sad. Probably the most difficult months of my life and i’m very happy to have overcome it. Well, hyper lapse the first few months- January to June- in my mind because they are definitely not nice to recall. Pause. Play.  July. Days from July to this moment were exceptionally good. I went through positive personality changes. The bad days helped me to appreciate even the tiniest happy things in life. Idleness decreased greatly as I was always out and about getting work done or learning or simply enjoying every day. Being content with what I have and more focused to what I want. Following the dream. Pause. Rewind. Slow motion. Play. October- first week of the month- long awaited vacation. Slow living life by the beach with good food and good people. Definitely, the highlight of the year. Fast Forward  to the last two months of the year where I grew a year older, a lot more bubblier,  completed a semester, learnt to love beer and give the cosmopolitan and martini a break and accomplished quite a few teeny weeny important things. overall, it’s been a great year and hopefully the year next will be better.

Hoping you lot had a lovely merry Christmas and wishing you all a happy new year. I will see you soon, next year. Until then,

-Asmi xx

2 thoughts on “COOL CAT

  1. I love this piece, from the first word till the last every bit of what u said inspired me and also showed me what a great personality you have. I wish you luck in your future posts. Cheers


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