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In collaboration with Myntra for the ‘Shop by Shape’ app feature.

Online shopping can be a hectic thing to do- I spend long hours on the internet, surfing sites, liking and disliking a few, adding and removing clothes from my wishlist or even almost buying clothes and then deleting them off my cart. The reasons of me being so vary about my choices is simply the fact that I can not foretell on how the outfit is going to look on me once I receive it and god forbid if it doesn’t fit well then the fuss I’m going to make about it is definitely not an easy one to deal with. Since online shopping strips you off the ability of taking bag full of clothes to the trial rooms and trying every single piece on until you find the perfect one, choices can be very difficult to make. Buying something based on the standard body sizes can go terribly wrong and I’m sure half of us have been victims of  it. The fallback of buying clothes blindly depending on the standard sizes is the possibility of it not suiting your body type. We have all ( or at least most of us) faced situations were even though there are no faults in the outfit we do not like the way it looks on us or it just doesn’t look as good as we thought it should. It’s definitely better to shop by shape and body fit rather than the size.

Myntra, An online shopping App, Strives to make online shopping as comfortable and convenient as possible. They are celebrating all body shapes and sizes and making fashion more accessible to women around the country. To help women make choices with clothes they have launched an interesting app feature called ‘Shop by Shape’ where one can easily navigate through clothes shortlisted for their body type. Leading this with the concept of Shape ID – the ratio of bust:waist:hips (4:2:4, 3:2:4, 4:4:3, 3:3:3) that mirrors the shapes Hourglass, Pear, Apple, Rectangle and spans across sizes. Through this, Myntra aims to help women discover merchandise that best flatters their body shape. I was absolutely happy to speak for the ‘Shop by Shape’ campaign as being a clothes hoarder, I thoroughly realize the importance of shopping by fit than by size. Hence, fulfilling the Desire to look good always with this app feature that is actually more like a personal stylist and helps bring out the best in you.

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