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Photography: Smrthi Rao

Over-sized shirt: Forever21 | Boyfriend jeans: Only | Heels: Lavie |Belt: Thrifted

A collaboration with Smrithi Rao- Blogger and Photographer. She photographs and writes feature stories on people who interest her. It’s quite a read, I must say. I was thrilled when she approached me for this shoot, after a few mails and phone calls we got along on a Sunday morning to  carry out this shoot. We planned to shoot on the streets of Bangalore hence, keeping the dressing very casual very laid-back and very me. Smrthi asked me a few questions on beauty, style and personal life which you can read here.

One of the questions that she asked me was- How do you describe your sense of style and have you seen it evolve? Well, I’ve realized over the years that I do not like sticking up with one particular style. Of course, I do prefer certain styles over the other but that doesn’t stop me from trying out the other ways of dress up. Fashion and Styling, for me, is more about expanding self-imposed boundaries, breaking stereotypes and stepping out of my comfort zone. I try it all- You might see me stacked up in gypsy jewelries, you might spot me dressed up in pencil skirts and sleek ponytails and you might see my playing it cool with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a beanie. All the three styles are very different from each other and give out a very different vibe from one another. But, for me, that’s the whole point of dressing up.

Also, about the outfit- I’m wearing an Over-sized shirt with a pair of Boyfriend jeans, both the pieces are my absolute favorites, I love them way too much because they are so comfortable and so airy. Perfect for those lazy days where you would love to lounge at home, sleep a little, watch movies and read books but you’ve got to get up and work instead. The feeling of home and comfort all around you! *sigh* I could live my life in them.

-Asmi xx

4 thoughts on “HOME AND AWAY

  1. I’m visiting Bangalore from London so i wanted to know where do you buy thrift ed items in Bangal ? can i get a shop’s name and address . BTW i love your blog ❤


    1. Hey!
      Well you could thrift at brigade road for clothes and shoes and for accessories- mostly gypsy- you could shop at commercial street. The lanes are lined with stores and you can just get into any of them and find some good stuff. However, the stores aren’t as cheap as the thrift stores in Mumbai and Delhi. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I’m glad you fancy it! xx


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