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collage one


Pictures by Shruti Ram| Black sheer jacket- BIAS| Concept, styling, post processing by Asmi shetty

A collaboration with one of the finest Indian brands – Bias.

Before I start today’s rant and lose your attention half way i’d like to say- Absolute love for the tassel detailing on the edges of this gorgeous sheer black jacket!

One of the most difficult choices of my life (literally, no kidding!) was when I had to choose an outfit from their collection to style, every single one of which is a stunning piece of art- unique, brilliant, unpredictable. One better than the other but equally good altogether if what I just said makes any sense – sure it does! if you’re a shopaholic and have a budget you’ll understand. So by the end of the decision making process I stuck to the one that suits me best and of course it’s in black which is the color of my soul, so yeah! I chose to style it in a very casual but chic way, with a cropped tee and ripped jeans and black ankle boots- keeping it all simple. Talking about the ripped jeans that’s my “work of art”, a Do-It-Yourself  right there which might have gone horrible wrong but nah don’t judge cause i’m getting better with it, alright? okay, yeah, thanks. Be-right-back next weekend.



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